Rabu, 26 September 2012

cara mengirim sms bahasa inggris

how to send a free SMS with Gmail
Log into Gmail

Gmail's HTML view Classic & New Gmail Standard View

When using Gmail classic HTML view, it must be converted first to the standard display (new look)
How to switch to the standard view, click the "Standard" which is at the bottom (footer) Gmail.
Change the Gmail display HTML to the Standard

Type a phone number to send the SMS in Chat and SMS box


Finish typing the numbers click "Send SMS

• If the number is not listed contact, there will be a contact name text box.

Fill in a contact name and click SAVE
Notice the bottom right box will appear to send SMS
SMS sent, the credit is reduced 1

Type an SMS, then press enter then SMS sent
The HP goal will receive an SMS with the sender's number 4664xxx. Reply to 4664xxx number will be immediately accepted in Gmail SMS box. Later it would be like chatting. Rates reply to Gmail for Telkomsel is Rp. 100, - to other operators please try it yourself.
Read more: http://kangasepsule.blogspot.com/2012/05/cara-kirim-sms-gratis-ke-semua-operator.html # ixzz27csQPuRX

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